A partnership between the Hermit Club and Hofbrauhaus Cleveland was formed as a solution to the Hermit Club’s expired 99-year lease with the Playhouse Square Foundation. Like many properties in Downtown Cleveland and the Flats, the Hermit Club owned its building, but the land was, and is, owned by the Playhouse Square Foundation. When the lease expired in summer 2014, the current Hofbrauhaus Cleveland complex was established, allowing the Hermit Club to continue operating under a 25-year lease with its new landlord, Hofbrauhaus Cleveland, which holds a similar lease with the Playhouse Square Foundation. Several Hermits, through 1629 Dodge Court LLC, are even investors in Hofbrauhaus Cleveland.

Under this new partnership, Hofbrauhaus Cleveland provides all food and beverage services for Hermit Club dining and events. All Hermit Club members receive a 10-percent discount on food and beverage purchases at the club or within the Hofbrauhaus Cleveland complex. Hermits also receive preferred access, a significant benefit on Friday or Saturday nights, when long waiting lines are anticipated.

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