Located in the heart of Cleveland’s theater district as part of the Hofbrauhaus Cleveland complex, the Hermit Club, founded in 1904, is the nation’s oldest continuously operating private club devoted to amateur performing arts.

Featuring an eclectic and enchanting atmosphere, the Hermit Club is the perfect spot to relax, entertain, take the spotlight or enjoy as a spectator. The club is home to both amateur and semi-professional actors, singers, musicians, performers and other artists, as well as those who enjoy watching the performances.

The Hermit Club spotlight plays host to a wide variety of events that take center stage each year, including:

  • Chorus and orchestra concerts
  • Big band jazz band concerts
  • Chamber music concerts
  • Drama productions
  • Social gatherings

Additionally, the Hermit Club hosts a number of other festive events and activities throughout the year, including an annual themed Alley Party each June; an annual Showtime variety show in the fall; Books, Authors and You; poetry nights; a reverse raffle; a Wassail Bowl on Christmas Eve; holiday-themed impromptu sing-alongs; and more. Members are encouraged to bring additional event ideas forward. In fact, many of the above events formed as a result of member suggestions.

The Hermit Club is actively dedicated to serving the Cleveland-area community through events, fundraisers and other activities that make a difference. If you’d like to learn more about our cause, organization or how you can take part, please contact us.

Throughout its history, members of the Hermit Club have enjoyed the thrills of performing, applauding, laughing and spending time with fellow Hermits and friends. Whether center stage, backstage or in the audience, the Hermit Club has something for everyone. We invite you to experience it for yourself!